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Darren A. Heitner, Esq. wrote the book on Sports Law titled, How To Play The Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs To Know.  He is regularly asked to opine about Sports Law-related matters on television, online and in newspapers.  He is a regular contributor to FORBES’ SportsMoney beat, where he oftentimes writes about Sports Law matters.  Further, he created the sports agent themed Sports Agent Blog in 2005, formed his own sports agency in 2007 (which he voluntarily dissolved in 2011), consults for university athletic departments and teaches Sport Agency Management at Indiana University Bloomington.

[Sports law] is largely an amalgam of interrelated legal disciplines involving such areas as contract, taxation, employment, competition and criminal law but dedicated legislation and case law has developed and will continue to do so. As an area of academic study and extensive practitioner involvement, the time is right to accept that a new legal area has been born—sports law.—Professor Simon Gardiner


It takes an experienced, knowledgeable and well-versed practitioner to be able to handle the wide array of Sports Law matters that may exist.  We not only take on lawsuits in this realm, but also dedicate a large chunk of our practice to transacational matters, which include drafting, revising and negotiating of performance and endorsement contracts, promissory notes, appearance deals, autograph signings, life rights grants, etc.

Litigation in the world of sports also varies from the typical practice of law.  The vast majority of disputes are governed by mandatory arbitration proceedings, oftentimes required pursuant to regulations created by players’ associations or collective bargaining agreements.  We are well versed with all of the major players’ associations regulations governing agents, collective bargaining agreements entered into between players and owners, and nuances in the laws that affect athletes, agents, and other professionals in the sports industry.

Clients represented in this area include sports agents, professional football players, professional hockey players, professional basketball players, professional hockey players, professional boxers, BMX athletes, Supercross athletes, a college football player against the NCAA, managers, businesses, publicists, a former NBA referee, and a popular magazine.  Those clients are not limited to the following: Rosenhaus Sports Representation, Morgan Advisory Group, NCLUSIVE Inc., Mike Spinner, Jack Johnson, Sure Sports Lending, Fourth Quarter Sports Group, Atari Bigby, Tim Donaghy, Athlete Originals, FanHold, Cleodis Floyd, Dyron Dye, Jumaine Jones, Sugartime Sports, Yuandale Evans, Cole Seely, Tyler Faoro, Moves Media, Greg Hardy, Mario Manningham, Andrew Wiggins, Alex Avila, First Round Management, Jon Jones, Rafael Furcal, Sportsmanias, Fan Jam, FanMouth, Draymond Green.

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