Sports Law

How Heitner Legal Assisted Cleodis Floyd

In 2013, Cleodis Floyd was victorious in an arbitration against the National Football League Players Association after the union denied his NFL agent application. The union did not want to certify him because Floyd was previously convicted of fraud.

Darren Heitner assisted Floyd, a former Colorado State football player who was convicted of bank fraud, in beating the NFLPA in front of its own arbitrator. He told the arbitrator that Floyd admitted and recognizes that he had a troubled past, largely as a circumstance of his upbringing in a couple of very rough neighborhoods and that he committed illegal acts and was punished appropriately. But many years have passed, over
which Floyd worked many jobs, performed a great amount of charitable work, went to law school and passed the Washington State Bar.

The arbitrator recognized that the Floyd of 2013 was not the Floyd of many years prior. He was immediately initiated as a contract advisor to NFL athletes and has become a very successful attorney as well.