Darren has been crucial in building relationships with our Banks’ counsel by answering structural questions and explaining the risks and mitigants of the player contracts.
Leon McKenzie of Sure Sports Lending
I have have solicited Darren’s advice and have hired him to help us with some intellectual property matters and would strongly recommend him to others.
Rob Katz of Webonise
I appreciate Darren's support.  I'm building my dream company and it's great to have guys like Darren to help me.
Chris Dey of Athlete Originals
Wise athletes hire HEITNER LEGAL to protect IP, and Athlete Web Design to build a brand
Tim Evans of Athlete Web Design
Darren Heitner is the only attorney I’ve met that communicates effectively with the client and gets things done in a timely manner.
Shaun P. Herness, Ph.D.
Darren is a savvy attorney with a unique mix of law and sports expertise.
Aymara Del Aguila of Sportsmanias
Darren and his team are simply the best. My agency feels 10ft tall and bullet proof with him by our side. He has a special way of making you feel like you are his firms most important client.
Matthew J. Casto of The Sports Agency
As a client of Heitner Legal, I cannot speak highly enough of Darren and his team. His passion for providing his clients with sound advice and prompt service is matched only by his passion for the law and sports itself. Darren is simply the best. And as an executive at several major news organizations, I can say Darren's expertise and engaging approach make him the go-to voice for cogent analysis of sports law issues. He explains things both to his clients and his audience in an easy-to-understand way that cuts through the jargon to true understanding. Five stars!
Tim Stephens