How Heitner Legal Assisted UMBC

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) instantly became the darling of the NCAA Tournament in 2018 when it became the first men’s basketball team to enter as a 16 seed and knock off the #1 seed, Virginia. It was not only an upset, but a game where UMBC won by 20 points.

The following day, UMBC decided it would be proactive and get in front of working to register its very valuable trademarks attached to its brand, which was now very commercially marketable. It tapped Heitner Legal to assist in filing those trademark applications.

Specifically, Heitner Legal filed trademark applications connected to selling apparel for the marks “UMBC RETRIEVERS” and “RETRIEVER NATION.”

Heitner Legal has been called on by many companies and individuals to handle the trademark registration process, including but not limited to Draymond Green, Johnny Manziel, Terrell Owens and Bill Raftery.