How Heitner Legal Assisted Des Linden

Whether it be an athlete, entertainer or corporate entity, Heitner Legal has grown to become one of the first law firms thought of for trademark application filings. And upon winning the 2018 Boston Marathon, Des Linden went to Heitner Legal for same.

Before winning the Boston Marathon, Linden kept using the phrase “Keep Showing Up.” Now, she has a trademark filing in for the phrase in association with a variety of apparel products, most of which dealing with athletics and running.

“I was ready to throw in the towel this year,” said Linden, who hadn’t won a marathon in her previous 13 tries. “‘Keep showing up’ just means everything from keep getting up every morning to keep showing up at the Boston Marathon.”

Heitner Legal has also worked with UMBC, Bill Raftery and many others with their trademark protection and enforcement.