How Heitner Legal Assisted Devin Funchess

2015 second round NFL Draft pick Devin Funchess was in the market to purchase a residential property in Florida. When shopping around for lawyers to help ensure that he was fully protected in the process, he landed on Heitner Legal and ended up engaging us to review all contractual documents associated with the transaction.

We worked very closely with Funchess and his financial advisor, whom has referred Heitner Legal business for many years. The comfort he had in dealing with Heitner Legal on past deals added a layer of security for the referrer and the client — Funchess.

It was a bit more complicated than a standard residential home purchase contract, as the client wanted the property to be in a trust. Fortunately, Heitner Legal had experience dealing with same; it is a somewhat common request made by professional athletes.

We worked very closely with the buyer’s agent to help clarify any questions surrounding the transaction and explain why certain clauses should be added to the contract. Ultimately, there was a clean closing and a happy client with a beautiful new home.