Business Law

How Heitner Legal Assisted Alex Katz

Professional baseball player and Team Israel participant, Alex Katz, came to Heitner Legal with a business law issue. He had created a very successful sports cleat/turfs/shoe customization company and was having a dispute with his business partner.

Katz’s business partner believed that he had the upper hand in the situation and threatened to dissolve the corporate entity if Katz was unwilling to sign the horrid settlement agreement that Katz’s business partner was forcing down Katz’s throat. The busienss partner hired legal counsel and Katz decided to go with Heitner Legal to explore all of his options.

The company was called KD Custom Kicks and, while it was doing very well, the dispute between the partners was going to crash this business venture for everyone involved.

Thus, we reviewed all of the relevant corporate documents, law and precedent to come up with a creative solution. We discussed the possibility of being bought out, who had the rights to the social media accounts in the case of a walkaway and what liabilities, if any, would remain should Katz simply leave the corporate entity.

Ultimately, through proper diligence and a lot of communication with the client, Katz moved on to create Stadium Custom Kicks and has since worked with a variety of notable athletes including Aaron Judge, Robinson Cano and Jose Altuve. Katz suffered no harm and, instead, quite a gain. We were happy to assist him with legal counsel throughout the process and beyond.