How Heitner Legal Assisted Alex Avila

Major League Baseball player Alex Avila is one of those athletes who is not only wise on the field, but also off of it, making sure that he and his family are protected against worst case scenarios and planning for his future after baseball. The catcher who has previously played for the Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs (and the son of Tigers general manager Al Avila), contacted us early in his career to help set up trust and estate documents, which have been updated as necessary to capture Avila’s goals accordingly.

Avila is one of many athletes that have called on Heitner Legal to assist with these types of documents, which include wills, trusts, durable power of attorney documents, etc. Unfortunately, far too many athletes do not spend the small amount of money to put these pieces in place and protect themselves and their families into the future. It should not wait until playing days are over. Instead, athletes should use Avila as an example and put together their post-playing plans today.