Sports Law

How Heitner Legal Assisted Andrew Wiggins

NBA superstar Andrew Wiggins was destined to become one of the most prominent basketball players in the world. The 2014 first overall pick that was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves had many sports agencies knocking on his door to represent him for the draft and thereafter. Ultimately, Wiggins chose agent Bill Duffy and his agency BDA Sports, but not before he called on Heitner Legal to assist him with negotiating the agency deal.

Far too many players will sign on the dotted line with a sports agency and without truly understanding the terms within the contract. That is not so much a problem with the standard representation agreements that govern commissions on NBA and team contracts in other leagues. It becomes more of an issue for off-court and off-field deals. But Wiggins was wise in having Heitner Legal look through the agreement that would bind him with BDA Sports, and after some negotiations, Wiggins ultimately signed with the agency.

Wiggins also asked Heitner Legal to help with some off-court marketing contracts and we assisted him with negotiating a contract with Monster, LLC, a mobile app developer for the creation of a video game and sports beverage and supplement brand BioSteel Sports Supplements Inc.