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LimeWire Receives Permanent Injunction

Peer-to-peer music sharing’s glory days are long gone.  Napster used to be a favorite for people interested in swapping music with one another for free.  It did not take too long for the music industry to see the writing on the wall, and Napster had to completely change the services it offered.  Other peer-to-peer start-ups […]

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One-Year Scholarship Rule Antitrust Battle

Last Monday, Joseph Agnew, a former Rice University football player, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco based on the NCAA’s one-year scholarship rule.  The rule restricts a school from giving an athletic scholarship to a student-athlete for more than one-year at a time. Agnew was affected by […]

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Strong Wind Gusts Leads To Notre Dame Student’s Death

Last Wednesday, junior Declan Sullivan was recording Notre Dame football’s practice from the top of a hydraulic lift before he fell to his death.  He was doing his job, videotaping practice from an aerial view so that the football players would later be able to see what they needed to correct before game day.  Then a […]

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Motion For Continuance Granted For World Series Excuse

This really could go down as the greatest Emergency Motion for Continuance ever.  An attorney, Darrell W. Cook, asked for a continuance of a Pretrial Conference originally scheduled for yesterday at 1:00 p.m., because he wanted to be able to attend Game 1 of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas […]

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Miami Heat Not Feeling “Favored” By Clear Channel Broadcasting

While Miami Heat fans are still wondering whether the team made a good decision by signing Jerry Stackhouse after Mike Miller had surgery to repair a broken thumb, the team has its own concerns in a legal matter off the court.  The Miami Heat filed a legal action against Clear Channel Broadcasting, claiming that Clear […]

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Trademark Awarded To Apple For “There’s An App For That”

I hope that you have not yet grown completely tired of hearing “There’s an App for That” during breaks of your favorite television shows, because in all likelihood, you are going to continue to hear it in Apple advertisements.  And don’t think that you are clever by copying the slogan for use in selling your […]

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The Gap Having All Sorts Of Problems

Solid blue background with thin all caps white block letters that spell the word “GAP”.  That’s the logo that has been associated with the American clothing and accessories retailer for as long as I can remember.  But earlier this month, the company decided that it was time for a change of branding.  A new logo […]

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NFL’s Deal With Nike Threatened If NFL Not A Single-Entity

As a consumer of NFL merchandise, I think it is great that the NFL and Nike were able to put together a five year deal, which makes Nike the official uniform provider of the NFL beginning in April 2012.  Nike makes a fantastic product, which is tough for other large companies to match.  But as […]

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Copyright Issues With Website Source Code

You want to create some websites.  You understand the value of owning the domain name for your name (i.e., you need a website for your company, and maybe you also want to start up a blog.  But you have no idea how to write the code for your various sites and do not feel […]

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$52,703 Awarded To A Pitcher For Failure To Properly Maintain The Pitcher’s Mound

Whenever you participate in a sport, you assume quite a bit of risk regarding injury.  There is no way to ensure that every tackle in football, hit-by-the-pitch in baseball, or foul in basketball will result in minor pain.  At the same time, not all injuries are covered by the assumption of risk doctrine.  The Baseball […]