Some Sponsorship Thoughts For 2017

Sponsorship does not begin and end with procurement. An often bypassed, but extremely important part of securing a sponsorship is the legal construction of same. Sometimes these deals, big and small, are wrapped up with a handshake. Other times, with a thorough, long-form contract. At Heitner Legal, we always encourage memorializing a deal in writing […]


Sacramento Kings File Claim Against Sponsor Power Balance

The following article was written by Cyle Kiger. Late 2011, Power Balance, a California wristband company and owner of the naming rights to the Sacramento Kings arena, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.   The Kings have recently filed a claim for $8.3 million against Power Balance. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the type of most bankruptcy cases.  It […]

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A Buzz Between Anheuser-Busch and Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball has a battle on its hands.  One of its main sponsors, Anheuser-Busch Inc., has filed a lawsuit against MLB, claiming that the company was entitled to a multi-year renewal on its beer-sponsorship rights based on negotiations that ended with a letter agreement in April 2010, and that MLB all of a sudden […]