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Who Owns A Social Media Account And Can A Former Employee Create A Similar Account Upon Leaving?

Who is the rightful owner of a social media account? This has become a very important question no matter whether the account is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok. Disputes commonly arise surrounding the ownership of social media accounts when employees who had access to and used those accounts during their employment are no longer […]

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Everything Stored on Facebook is Discoverable

This past week, I was published in the NYU School of Law IP and Entertainment Law Ledger.  The piece, titled, “You May Not ‘Like’ This Title: Everything Stored On Facebook Is Discoverable,” takes a look at how Facebook’s content may be used as evidence in a lawsuit.  Content that we publish on our Walls and […]

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Not A Lame Lawsuit Involving Facebook

Is Facebook being a trademark bully, or is it really just trying to protect its intellectual property? In March 2010, Facebook sent small scale parody website Lamebook (some of the stuff on there is really funny) a cease and desist letter.  Facebook had a problem with Lamebook’s name, mark, and look and feel of its […]

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There Is No Real Privacy On Facebook And Other Social Networks

If you get sued in court, will your Facebook privacy settings protect you from opposing counsel’s request for electronic discovery?  If that information is material and necessary for the opposition’s case and the need for the information outweighs any privacy concerns, then that “private” information might be available, no matter what privacy settings you set […]