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Your Tweets Belong to Twitter and May be Subpoenaed Without a Warrant

In April 2011, I had an article titled, You May Not “Like” This Title: Everything Stored On Facebook Is Discoverable, published in the NYU Law Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law.  The premise is that enjoying the openness of Facebook may come at an unexpected cost, especially for those who do not understand how the […]

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Expendables Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Loses Thousands Of Defendants

23,322 defendants were named in what, at the time of filing, was the largest file-sharing copyright infringement lawsuit ever.  It was based on the accusation that those defendants illegally downloaded the movie The Expendables.  However, at least for now, a vast majority of those defendants are free from the reach of the movie’s film studio […]

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Copyright Infringement Subpoena: To Challenge Or Not To Challenge

In order for a copyright holder to get personal information of someone whom is considered to be illegally infringing the copyright, the copyright holder likely must subpoena the infringer’s internet service provider (ISP).  The person accused of infringing activity has the right to file a motion to quash the subpoena; however, the accused infringer will […]

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Everything Stored on Facebook is Discoverable

This past week, I was published in the NYU School of Law IP and Entertainment Law Ledger.  The piece, titled, “You May Not ‘Like’ This Title: Everything Stored On Facebook Is Discoverable,” takes a look at how Facebook’s content may be used as evidence in a lawsuit.  Content that we publish on our Walls and […]