What To Do If You’re Sued By Strike 3 Holdings For Copyright Infringement

Have you been sued by or been threatened with being sued by Strike 3 Holdings, LLC? If so, then you are not alone. Strike 3 Holdings, LLC, which has gained a reputation as being a “copyright troll” due to the number of copyright infringement disputes it is involved in, is an adult film producer for […]


Florida’s New Limited Liability Company Act

For those looking to form a corporate entity with pass-through taxation, no limitation on the number of members (owners) allowed, limited liability for the company’s debts, flexibility to structure management, fewer formalities than a corporation, and/or the ability to form subsidiaries without restriction, the formation of an limited liability company in Florida may be exactly what […]

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Florida LLCs Lack Certain Protections For The Time Being

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are a favorite type of of business entity for many businessmen.  Advantages of LLCs include the following: Limited liability – no “member” is liable for anything other than the amount of his investment in the LLC, regardless of how involved that member is in the daily operations of the business. Taxed as […]