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Do You Want To Create An LLC In Florida?

Are you interested in founding a corporate entity and believe that a limited liability company (LLC) is the best corporate form for your startup? In particular, do you desire to create an LLC in Florida? Heitner Legal has extensive experience setting up corporate entities in the State of Florida and serving as a registered agent for service of process and other purposes.

If you are considering the creation of a Florida LLC, then feel free to contact us about your specific situation. We keep all communications confidential, pride ourselves on quick and active responses, and do not charge for initial consultations.

Typically, Heitner Legal will begin by sending you a template questionnaire to get a better sense of your goals and what you are looking to accomplish by forming an LLC. In fact, we will first determine whether a Florida LLC is the best fit for you, which includes diligence on whether you should be incorporated in the State of Florida and engaging in an analysis as to whether an LLC is the best corporate entity as you grow your business.

We pride ourselves on being very reasonable with our fee schedule and commonly will charge a flat fee to take you through the process of filing Articles of Organization, drafting an Operating Agreement, and obtaining an EIN number with the IRS so that you are able to quickly open up a bank account for your business. The icing on top is that Heitner Legal can serve as your company’s registered agent, which comes free of charge for the first year of your business being incorporated in the State of Florida.

Many people have come to believe that they should be incorporating their LLCs in the State of Delaware, but the main benefit of choosing that specific jurisdiction is that Delaware makes it slightly harder for others to uncover who the owners are of the limited liability company. Maybe you do not care to keep such information private. Additionally, if someone is determined to find out who the unit holders are, filing in Delaware will not serve as an absolute shield. Skilled private investigators have proven no difficulty in finding out who is associated with LLCs, including those formed in the State of Delaware.

Additionally, Florida may be the best state for you to establish your brand-new LLC. The State of Florida is widely regarded as providing a business-friendly environment and you should also consult a reputable accountant to determine whether you can take advantage of Florida’s advantageous tax laws by registering your LLC in Florida. Additionally, unlike some states, Florida does not require that you keep an account with a minimum amount of capital to maintain your LLC.

Finally, Florida is known to be a very debtor-friendly jurisdiction. Thus, if your LLC runs into hard times, it may be more difficult for creditors to go after and successfully collect against your corporate entity in the State of Florida.