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NFL wants the concussion claims to be resolved by Collective Bargaining process

The following article was written by Alex Mitrani. As many are aware, the NFL is currently facing a barrage of concussion lawsuits from former players. Former players are claiming that the NFL failed to disclose the risks of concussions and/or failed to take steps to protect the players from concussions. The NFL argued before the U.S. […]

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11th Circuit Holds That Attorneys Cannot Take Fees Out Of NFL Disability Awards

There is nothing wrong with providing legal services to retired National Football League (NFL) players.  In fact, many retired NFL players have good claims for benefits and deserve representation by competent attorneys.  However, if an attorney provides legal services in such a case involving payment through the NFL pension and disability plan, he/she should not […]

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Holding Football Helmet Companies Accountable For Head Injuries

Yesterday, John Carlson of the Seattle Seahawks was carted off of the field of play in his team’s NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Chicago Bears.  Carlson suffered an injury after he landed on his head near the sideline.  As discussed last month, there are enormous dangers and damaging health effects of from head injuries. […]

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NFL Players Receiving Adequate Warning Regarding Concussions

Roughly 9,000 lawsuits have been filed against tobacco companies in Florida based on claims that for many years tobacco companies failed to warn smokers about the dangers and addictive capacity of cigarettes.  The class of potential plaintiffs is huge, as many people across the country have smoked cigarettes at one point in their lives.  The […]

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The NFL Cares About Who Wins The Souper Bowl

Trademark bullying watch!  My first post on trademark bullying discussed the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) interest in eliciting suggestions to address these problematic litigation tactics.  Legit claims are one thing; trademark bullying ties up the courts, costs people money that would be better spent on innovation, and takes up unnecessary time litigating. My […]

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NFL’s Deal With Nike Threatened If NFL Not A Single-Entity

As a consumer of NFL merchandise, I think it is great that the NFL and Nike were able to put together a five year deal, which makes Nike the official uniform provider of the NFL beginning in April 2012.  Nike makes a fantastic product, which is tough for other large companies to match.  But as […]

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Chad Morton v. Leigh Steinberg, et al.

Earlier this week, Sports Agent Blog referenced a lawsuit between Chad Morton and Leigh Steinberg and many of his companies and affiliates.  While that post is largely focused on a man named David Meltzer and a company called Sports 1 Marketing, this post will look at the pending lawsuit itself, and scrap out the facts […]