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Background On Defamation Law, Courtesy Of Mason Rudolph And Myles Garrett

Heitner Legal is your one-stop shop for all of your defamation-related questions/needs. Contact us for more information after reading this article. Defamation actions can be the most emotionally driven court cases, where one party charges another for communicating (either orally or through written means) a false statement of fact that results in reputational harm. These […]

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Myles Garrett Will Be Disciplined, But What If He’s Sued?

Defensive end Myles Garrett ripped quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet off of his head and swung it at him near the end of a Thursday Night Football matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns. After the game, Garrett admitted to his wrongful action, stating, “I lost my cool and regret it. It’s going to come […]