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Jonathan Taylor and the SEC’s New Policy

The story of a student-athlete getting into legal trouble and then transferring to a different program is not a new one. What is new is the way that conferences are beginning to handle those troubled student-athletes. In the wake of the Jonathan Taylor, University of Georgia and University of Alabama debacle, conferences across the country […]

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Leveraging Your Morals: How One’s Conduct Off The Field Can Affect Your Bargaining Power

This past week, it was reported that Italian soccer player, Mario Balotelli, had his drivers’ license immediately confiscated for going 25 miles over the speed limit in a residential area near his home in Brescia, Italy. While being caught driving over the speed limit may not be cause for extreme concern for some individuals, who […]

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HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel Fights Off Defamation Suit

A Manhattan, New York federal jury cleared HBO of defamation charges on May 8th that had been brought by Mitre Sports International, a British sportswear and equipment supplier. HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” aired a segment in 2008, “Children of Industry” that accused Mitre Sports of exploiting child labor as part of its soccer […]

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NHL Concussion Litigation: What’s Next After Judge Nelson Rejects The NHL’s First Attempt to Dismiss Lawsuit

On March 25, 2015, Judge Susan Nelson denied the NHL’s first motion to dismiss, potentially strengthening the former players’ case. Prior to that decision, on January 8, 2015, Judge Nelson heard arguments from both the NHL and former players in regards to two motions to dismiss: (1) motion to dismiss the Master Complaint pursuant to […]

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Recent Developments in the Dent et al. v. NFL Litigation

In December 2014, United States District Judge for the Northern District of California, the Honorable William Alsup, granted the National Football League’s (“NFL”) motion to dismiss based on preemption under Section 301 of the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947 (“LMRA”) in Dent v. NFL. Section 301 of the LMRA applies to breaches of collective […]

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Pulling the Curtain Back: What May Transpire at Ray Rice’s Grievance Arbitration

On June 16, 2014, a meeting took place at NFL headquarters in New York City. Those present were as follows: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell; NFL attorneys Jeff Pash and Kevin Manera; Adolpho Birch, NFL Vice President of Labor; now-former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his wife, Janay Palmer (at the time); attorney Heather […]

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More pain for the NFL: The seemingly forgotten Dent et al. v. NFL litigation

Back in May 2014, former NFL players filed a lawsuit in a San Francisco federal court on behalf of over 600 former NFL players from 1969 to 2008. The complaint alleges that the NFL illegally supplied the players with narcotics and painkillers to mask their injuries during games. This alleged medical malpractice has since led […]

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The Legal Blitz Feature: Constitutional Implications of Eating Weed During a Traffic Stop

Each Friday we will feature an article from our good friends at The Legal Blitz. Please enjoy the following piece and check out The Legal Blitz when you get a chance! Detroit Lions running back Mikel Leshoure has not played a single down in the NFL due to an ACL tear following his second round selection […]

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New Orleans Saints put Bounty on Opponents

The following article was written by Cyle Kiger. ​The 2009 NFL champions have potential legal infractions coming for puting “bounties” on opposing players.  In Minnesota, Brett Favre was arguably more popular than Adrian Peterson for a single season, and it sickens me that an NFL team would reward players for injuring top-tier players.   Who dat dirty team? […]

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The Legal Blitz Friday Feature: Why Sandusky’s Notoriety Helped His Pre-Trial Release Conditions

Each Friday we will feature an article from our good friends at The Legal Blitz. Please enjoy the following piece and check out The Legal Blitz when you get a chance! On Monday, a Pennsylvania judge made two pre-trial rulings that favored Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky is a former Penn State football coach, now charged with over 50 counts […]