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Welcome to the Spin Room: How the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy is a Microcosm of Labor-Management Relations

A lot has happened between the National Football League and National Football League Players Association these last few weeks regarding the scope and ability of Commissioner Roger Goodell to discipline players. Here is a brief summary of what has transpired: Ray Rice, the former Baltimore Raven’s running back, is now free to sign with any […]

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Pulling the Curtain Back: What May Transpire at Ray Rice’s Grievance Arbitration

On June 16, 2014, a meeting took place at NFL headquarters in New York City. Those present were as follows: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell; NFL attorneys Jeff Pash and Kevin Manera; Adolpho Birch, NFL Vice President of Labor; now-former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his wife, Janay Palmer (at the time); attorney Heather […]