Were You Sued By SRIPLAW In Beersy LLC FSLD Case No. 0:2023-cv-61464?

One of the newest trademark infringement actions brought by one of the most well-known plaintiff trademark litigation firms, SRIPLAW, is the matter of BEERSY LLC v. THE INDIVIDUALS, PARTNERSHIPS AND UNINCORPORATED ASSOCIATIONS IDENTIFIED ON SCHEDULE “A,” which is pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida with a Case No. of 0:22-cv-61464-AHS If you […]

Copyright Trademarks

Have You Been Sued By SRIPLAW In Crazy Forts Inc. Case Number: FSLD 1:2023-cv-20776?

As previously discussed on this website, one of the most popular jurisdictions for intellectual property plaintiff lawyers to bring their lawsuits tends to be the Southern District of Florida. And one of the more active plaintiff firms in the space is SRIPLAW, not only for copyright infringement actions but also trademark infringement cases, and definitely […]

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What To Do If Served With A Southern District Of Florida Complaint For Damages And Injunctive Relief

The Southern District of Florida tends to be one of the most popular jurisdictions for plaintiffs, particularly those with intellectual property claims such as copyright infringement and trademark infringement, to file Complaints that seek damages and injunctive relief. Oftentimes, plaintiffs and their law firms are able to convince judges to enter orders that grant temporary […]