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Duty To Instruct How To Properly Eat An Artichoke

I am not a huge fan of artichokes.  Eating them takes too much effort, and I am not very impressed by their taste.  However, I do know how to eat one, and I would expect that if someone asked me to serve him an artichoke, he would also know how to eat one properly, or […]

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Strong Wind Gusts Leads To Notre Dame Student’s Death

Last Wednesday, junior Declan Sullivan was recording Notre Dame football’s practice from the top of a hydraulic lift before he fell to his death.  He was doing his job, videotaping practice from an aerial view so that the football players would later be able to see what they needed to correct before game day.  Then a […]

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$52,703 Awarded To A Pitcher For Failure To Properly Maintain The Pitcher’s Mound

Whenever you participate in a sport, you assume quite a bit of risk regarding injury.  There is no way to ensure that every tackle in football, hit-by-the-pitch in baseball, or foul in basketball will result in minor pain.  At the same time, not all injuries are covered by the assumption of risk doctrine.  The Baseball […]