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Workers’ Compensation Landmark: Vaughn Booker v. Cincinnati Bengals

In general, workers’ compensation does not receive the same level or exposure and attention from both the world of academia and the media that other areas of law garner. However, in recent months there have been multiple decisions by courts that are being labeled as “landmark” in the workers’ compensation arena, especially in regards to […]

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Time to Readdress the Notion of Workers’ Compensation for NCAA athletes

The following article is a guest contribution by Benjamin Haynes, Esq.   Haynes is a former Division 1 Basketball Player at Oral Roberts University and currently practices law in the State of Florida. According to various courts’ decisions, a “Student-Athlete” is not viewed as an employee of the University.  Why is this important? Well, this is important […]

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Florida Professional Athletes Affected By New Workers Compensation Law

In January 2011, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) released a report titled, “Dangers of the Game of Football.”  In the report, the NFLPA wrote that injuries went from 3.2 per week to 3.7 per week in 2010.  Further, 63% of NFL players were injured during the 2010 season compared to a 59% average […]