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Simms and Dolabi, et al. v. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys, NFL

On February 8, 2011, Mike Dolabi and Steve Simms filed a Class Action Complaint against multiple Defendants, including those listed in the title of this post.  The lawsuit has become known as the “Super Bowl Ticket Lawsuit,” and the Plaintiffs claim to represent a class of over 100 members and seek in the aggregate more […]

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A Negligent Act By A 4-Year-Old Riding a Tricycle?

Anyone who has taken 1L Torts class is not surprised that a 4-year-old can be sued in a court of law.  In fact, anyone versed in the law might not be shocked and appalled should a 4-year-old be found guilty in a tort action.  How could one forget the case of Garratt v. Dailey, where […]