Sports Law

Oregon’s Effort To Amend Sports Agent Law

On February 23, Darren Heitner of Heitner Legal wrote an article on Sports Agent Blog highlighting the State of Oregon’s efforts to modify its sports agent law. Oregon is one of dozens of states with a sports agent law on its books. As a leading lawyer in the realm of sports agency, Heitner was also asked by Law360 […]


The Legal Blitz Feature: Shocking Sports Agent’s Tell-All Is A Must-Read

Since reading Jim Bouton’s, Ball Four there have not been many sports “tell-alls” that have excited me. Most of these books feel like a last-ditch attempt to scream, “Look at me!” to jump back into the spotlight for another five minutes. Most books in this so-called genre are told with ulterior motives and most lack any sort […]

Sports Agent Disputes

Wills’ Agency Fails; Boldin Wins Suit

The following article was written by Cyle Kiger. Even with a star athlete to represent, Darrell Eugene Wills’ attempt at owning his own sports agency proved to be too much of a risk.  A $170,000 loan was given to Wills by his client and Baltimore Ravens star wide receiver Anquan Boldin.  The loan was a start-up […]