First Amendment Right of Publicity

Does The Topps Presidential Inauguration Pack Have A Right Of Publicity Problem?

On January 21, 2021, The Topps Company, Inc. tweeted, “We captured the Presidential Inauguration action #ToppsNOW style!” with a link to a “full slate” of new cards featuring various prominent celebrities and politicians who took part in the inauguration of President Joe Biden. The most popular card was and undoubtedly will be one of Bernie […]

Election Law

Trump Campaign Loses Litigation In Georgia And Michigan; Claims Victory In Pennsylvania

Yesterday, we summarized three lawsuits initiated by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, as well as the campaign’s attempt to intervene in the pending U.S. Supreme Court case that concerns the Pennsylvania Supreme Court previously granting a three-day extension for receiving mail-in ballots. Here is a brief update on the […]