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COVID-19’s Legal Impact On The NFL

The National Football League had its first outbreak of Covid-19 going into Week 4 of the league’s 2020 Season. Within a week, the Tennessee Titans had twenty organizational members tested positive for the Virus. It was also revealed that star Quarterback and former NFL Most Valuable Player, Cam Newton, from the New England Patriots tested […]

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Coca-Cola Sued For Using COVID-19 To Terminate $34 Million NHRA Sponsorship

It was just a matter of time before companies would start looking to get out of major compensation obligations in their sponsorship agreements that had gone sour, using the novel coronavirus as a foundation for termination. The biggest sports sponsorship in question is probably Under Armour’s 15-year, $280 million Athletic Product and Sponsorship Agreement that […]


Force Majeure Clause: Contract Language In The Coronavirus Outbreak

Heitner Legal is your one-stop shop for all of your Contract Law needs. Contact us for more information after reading this article. Panic surrounding the coronavirus outbreak has led to many questions surrounding what happens to a contract that was entered into prior to the shutdown in large parts of the world economy. Individuals and […]