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DraftKings Is Bringing Daily Fantasy To eSports

These days, it’s nearly impossible to watch any sporting event or program without seeing an advertisement for daily fantasy sports. The fantasy and gaming industry has seen enormous growth, and that trend looks to continue as one of the leading DFS providers moves into the new realm of eSports. DraftKings announced that it will be […]


All Day I Dream About…Lawsuits? Adidas Sues Skechers Over Shoe Design

Adidas has been at the center of several intellectual property claims the past few years involving its famous three-stripe pattern allegedly being imitated by competing shoe companies. This time, the shoe giant isn’t just alleging that its logo was copied, but rather, an entire shoe design. Earlier this week, Adidas filed a complaint in the […]

Copyright Right of Publicity Sports Law

An Athlete’s Right Of Publicity – An Active Area In Sports Law

One of the most publicized legal issues in Sports Law today deals with athletes’ right to publicity, and the infringement on these rights by companies seeking to capitalize on player names, images, and likenesses. The elements of a Right of Publicity claim vary from state to state, but there is a good deal of overlap […]

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Pari Passu Clauses And Their Importance In Complex Transactions

While American law is less than 250 years old, some of the expressions used in the U.S. legal system come from a time much older. Latin phrases, such as per stirpes, malum in se, malum prohibitum, and de facto are all still used in American law today. Another such phrase, pari passu, is used as […]

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How Bucking The Trend Of Handshake Deals Can Improve The Equestrian Sport Industry

Transactions in the equine industry often involve animals worth thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. These transactions get especially daunting in the world of equine sports; the average selling price of a horse at the Keeneland September Yearling Sale – the nation’s premiere Thoroughbred auction – was $130,780, with 18 yearlings selling for $1 […]