Running From the Law: Photo Finish Ends With Felony Charges

On January 17, 2015, veteran horse jockey Roman Chapa and his horse “Quiet Acceleration” were holding steady in the Richard King Stakes Race at Sam Houston Park in Texas. Suddenly, the horse shifted gears and ended up winning the $50,000 purse by a mere half a length. What may have looked like a valiant effort […]

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NCAA To Drop Women’s Equestrian As Emerging Sport in 2017

An NCAA emerging sport is defined as: “A women’s sport recognized by the NCAA that is intended to help schools provide more athletics opportunities for women, more sport sponsorship options for institutions and help that sport achieve NCAA championship status.” Unfortunately, beginning in 2017, the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics (“CWA”) has recommended the NCAA […]

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Big Changes Ahead for NCAA: Autonomy for Big 5 Conferences

In August of this year, the NCAA Board of Directors approved more autonomy for the Big 5 Conferences in a 16-2 vote. The Big 5, consisting of the SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, and PAC 12, now has the power to change the landscape of collegiate athletics. These conferences have the ability to vote on and enact new rules […]