Intellectual Property

Blackjack Game Creator Busts With Patent Protection Effort

Ray and Amanda Tears Smith wanted to patent a game that was a variation of blackjack. The game utilized standard playing cards, but incorporated a new set of rules. The Patent and Trademark Office found this game ineligible for a patent. Patent-eligible subject matter is defined as “any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or […]


Consent Is Not Enough To Receive A Trademark

Bay State Brewing Company, Inc. sought to trademark TIME TRAVELER BLONDE for “beer.” The Trademark Examining Attorney refused registration because it too closely resembled the already registered mark, TIME TRAVELER, registered by A&S Brewing. The registered mark is also for “beer,” and includes “ale and lager.” Bay State conceded that there is a likelihood of […]

Sports Law

Potential Conflict Of Interest In LaBoy v. Octagon

CJ LaBoy and Doug Hendrickson served as sports agents for Octagon. Both signed agreements with NFL players to serve as the players’ representatives in contract negotiations with NFL teams. In exchange, the players agreed to provide the sports agents with a percentage of the negotiated contract. In turn, Plaintiffs agreed to provide this fee to […]


Use Of VPNs Could Be Considered Copyright Infringement

Virtual private networks (“VPNs”) and other blocking proxies allow users to hide their IP address in order to make themselves appear to be in another country. People do this in order to access content not otherwise accessible in their country. For instance, Netflix provides different shows and movies depending on the country in which one […]