HEITNER LEGAL Takes Over Times Square

Branding is important in any industry. If you are familiar with HEITNER LEGAL, then you know that we take pride on our clients’ branding techniques as well as our diligence in protecting and enforcing intellectual property (such as trademarks) for our clients.

You may also know that we pride ourselves as being a different type of law firm than many others on the market. As stated on our homepage, “People tend to hate lawyers. Our clients love us.”

We have branded the law firm in such a way, commonly using the phrase, “It’s time to start saying, I love my lawyer.” You may even have spotted shirts that read, “I love my lawyer,” with HEITNER LEGAL branding.

Well, one of our amazing clients said that he loves his lawyer. He apparently loved us so much that he decided to purchase advertising space in Times Square in New York City and plastered a bunch of HEITNER LEGAL advertising up in support of our law firm. It was quite the awesome gesture!

Here are some photos that I took to capture the unique branding on a recent visit to Times Square.

Heitner Legal Times Square Heitner Legal Times Square Heitner Legal Times Square Heitner Legal Times Square