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Sports Law: Optimism For USTA’s Training Center In Orlando?

It is well known throughout the legal industry that if you have a sports-related legal issue, you turn to Heitner Legal. As such, when writers are looking for a sports lawyer for commentary, they often turn to Darren Heitner.

The Orlando Sentinel recently highlighted the creation of a new U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) training center in Orlando. Here’s a snapshot of Heitner’s comments.

Whether the USTA’s multi-layered approach is enough to maintain or even grow the sport all depends on how much the center welcomes those players who have not come up through the country-club circuit, said South Florida lawyer and sports expert Darren Heitner.

“It’s absolutely necessary for the sport of tennis to do something like this in order not to follow down the path of golf,” said Heitner, a contributor to Forbes. “If you’re only affording the privileged, then you’re not doing much to benefit the game for the long term.”

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