Client Trademark: LATAS

On August 2, 2016, HEITNER LEGAL client PrecisionHawk was awarded the registration for trademark “LATAS.” The mark is registered to PrecisionHawk for use with software for low altitude flight planning, tracking and avoidance for use with drones.

PrecisionHawk empowers the commercial drone industry with tools related to flight, mapping, analysis and safety. LATAS is specifically suited to provide a safety service for drones and stands for “Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace Safety.” It connects leading airspace management technologies into a service package for commercial and recreational drone operators as well as regulators and air traffic controllers.

In April, PrecisionHawk raised $18 million in a Series C round of venture funding.

HEITNER LEGAL has helped PrecisionHawk secure U.S. federal trademark registrations for the aforementioned “LATAS” as well as “PRECISIONHAWK,” “DATAMAPPER,” “AGORITHMS,” “PRECISION MAPPER.” HEITNER LEGAL also assisted in the assignments of “TERRASERVER-USA” and “TERRASERVER” to PrecisionHawk.