Sports Law

Featured Client: Sure Sports Lending

My book of business began in 2010 with Leon McKenzie. The owner of Hollywood, Florida-based Sure Sports Lending put his trust in a newly qualified lawyer who claimed to know a thing or two about contracts and sports. Six years later, Leon and Sure Sports Lending remain clients, sticking with me through multiple law firms and remaining by my side at HEITNER LEGAL.

Throughout the years, I have taken pride in watching Leon’s business boom from a startup to becoming the most trusted name in athlete lending. We all know that athletes are going to take out lines of credit; they owe it to themselves to hire Leon in order to shop deals and find the best terms possible for each occasion.

Leon and Sure Sports Lending were recently featured by Front Office Sports. I highly suggest reading the thorough piece that covers one of my favorite clients and some of the best people in the business.

“The goal was always to be the lowest-cost provider for a loan. Now, the goal is to be the best, fastest and cheapest provider of loans to athletes,” says McKenzie. “Prior to the economic downturn, and before I incorporated my company in 2009, banks would throw money to anyone. However, athletes were still borrowing from predominately private lenders at 18 to 34 percent. I remember on my second or third loan, the player took my loan package to a banker, but the banker wouldn’t accept it and said, ‘This is too good to be true.’”

I have seen, first hand, the amazing work that Leon and his team accomplish at Sure Sports Lending. I have also been in the position to try to help athletes who did not go through Leon and were stuck with insurmountable debt.