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Dodgers File Motion to Dismiss Bryan Stow Lawsuit

The following article was written by Spencer Wingate.

The savage beating of Bryan Stow that occurred outside the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium on Opening Day 2011 was widely documented by all major news outlets. Police discovered that two men, Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood, nearly beat Stow to death because he was a San Francisco Giants fan. Gruesome details of the attack became public knowledge after Stow filed a criminal complaint against the two men. His suit contained five counts against Sanchez and Norwood. The charges revealed the men had used a knife in their assault and cut Stow’s tongue, nose, lips, and ears. Stow also suffered brain damage that resulted in part of his skull being removed.

Stow filed a second complaint against the Los Angeles Dodgers and Frank McCourt. His suit presented nine counts demonstrating how their negligence made them just as accountable as his attackers. The complaint alleges game security did nothing during the game when Stow was being harassed and threatened. He was left to fear for his safety. The scene of the incident is described in detail as being void of any security and lacking proper lighting. The Stow family alleges the cost saving measures by McCourt on Dodgers’ staff and stadium expenses allowed for the damages to occur.

This week the Dodgers filed a motion to dismiss the claim in bankruptcy court. McCourt’s mismanagement of the team led him to file bankruptcy last year and put the team up for sale. His motion contends there is no basis for Stow’s claims of damages. The dismissal states a landowner can not insure the safety of everyone on his property. The Dodgers were not notified nor did they receive any report of misconduct involving Stow. His lawyers assert it is impossible to determine that more security would have prevented the attack. The motion notes specific figures to conclude extensive security was present at the stadium.

The Dodgers additionally filed a cross complaint against Norwood and Sanchez. The complaint stipulates they are not responsible for damages to Stow, but if found guilty, the two men should be responsible for part of the payment.  Norwood and Sanchez are currently been held in criminal custody as they await trial.

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