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Former Fitness Club Executive Accused of Stealing Trade Secrets

Kyle Bauer has long worked in the fitness industry and recently founded ReNew You, a fitness club in Houston, Texas. But now his former employer, the nationwide fitness chain Life Time Fitness Inc., is coming after him for allegedly misappropriating trade secrets as well as for breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and tortious […]

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The Benefits Of Intellectual Property Holding Companies

In the eyes of the law, a properly formed and maintained limited liability business structure is a separate entity or “person” from its owners and employees[1]. This legal benefit allows for the limited liability of individuals who seek to invest, start up, or become a part of the business structure. Consequently, in the event the […]

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Sports Agent Sues Former Client/Employee For Trade Secret Misappropriation, Breaching Non-Compete, Etc.

On October 6, 2010, Willis & Woy Sports Group, L.L.C., and Jordan Woy v. Horace Smith, et al. was filed in a district court in Dallas County, Texas.  In the petition, application for temporary restraining order, and application for injunctive relief, Jordan Woy alleges that former client and Willis & Woy employee, Horace Smith, used […]

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Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe, Pixar, Intuit Told To Get Out Of Bed With Each Other

A no-poach agreement is just slightly different than a non-compete agreement.  A majority of states permit employers to place non-compete clauses in employer contracts and even have standalone non-compete agreements with employees that are separate from the employment contracts that are executed.  California is known as being one of the few states that rarely permits a […]