The Best Thing To Do When Hit With An Image Professionals GmbH d/b/a StockFood Copyright Demand

If you have ever published content online, you understand the importance of images in conveying messages effectively. However, using images without proper authorization can lead to legal issues, one of which might be a copyright demand from Image Professionals GmbH d/b/a StockFood. In this article, we will delve into what steps you should take when faced with such a demand to navigate the situation effectively and protect your interests.

If you have received a demand letter from or on behalf of Image Professionals GmbH d/b/a StockFood or have been sued by the company, usually with a law firm such as CopyCat Legal representing the plaintiff, then feel free to contact us. We pride ourselves on quick and active communication and keep everything confidential even with potential clients.

Understanding the StockFood Copyright Demand

Image Professionals GmbH, operating as StockFood, is a reputable provider of high-quality food images and videos for commercial and editorial use. When they issue a copyright demand, it means they have identified unauthorized use of their copyrighted material in your content. This can range from using their images without a license to altering or reproducing them without permission, all of which are considered copyright infringement under the Copyright Act.

Initial Steps Upon Receiving a Copyright Demand

The first step upon receiving a copyright demand from StockFood is to carefully review the claim. Understand the specific allegations and assess the legitimacy of the claim. It’s essential to gather all relevant information regarding the use of the image in question, including when and how it was obtained and used. Do not delete any content without first fully documenting it so as to avoid future claims for spoilation.

Communicating with StockFood

After reviewing the claim, it’s crucial to respond promptly to StockFood. It is best to not communicate with them directly, but instead through legal counsel such as Heitner Legal. Again, feel free to contact us for assistance. Ignoring or delaying your response can escalate the situation further. Provide any necessary evidence to support your case, such as proof of purchase or usage rights. Additionally, seek clarification on the terms of the demand and explore potential resolutions.

Options for Resolution

When dealing with a copyright demand from StockFood, you have several options for resolution. Negotiating a settlement, obtaining a retroactive license, or removing the image from your content are common approaches.

Protecting Your Rights

It’s essential to understand your rights when faced with a copyright demand. Familiarize yourself with fair use principles and any exemptions that may apply to your use of the image. However, it’s equally important to respect the intellectual property rights of others and take appropriate action to remedy any infringement.

Preventative Measures

To avoid future copyright issues, take proactive measures to ensure that you have the proper authorization to use images in your content. Source images from reputable sources, obtain licenses when necessary, and familiarize yourself with usage rights and restrictions.

The Consequences of Ignoring the Demand

Ignoring a copyright demand from StockFood can have serious consequences, including legal action and financial penalties. It’s crucial to address the issue promptly and take appropriate steps to resolve the matter to avoid further escalation.


Case Studies and Examples

Examining real-life case studies and examples can provide valuable insights into how others have handled similar situations and the outcomes of their decisions. Learning from these experiences can inform your approach and help you make informed decisions.

Reputation Management

In addition to addressing the legal aspects of a copyright demand, it’s essential to consider the potential impact on your reputation. Take proactive steps to mitigate any damage to your reputation and handle public perception effectively.


When faced with a copyright demand from Image Professionals GmbH d/b/a StockFood, the best course of action is to respond promptly, communicate effectively, and seek a resolution that protects your rights and interests. By understanding the nature of the claim, exploring options for resolution, and taking proactive measures to prevent future issues, you can navigate the situation effectively and minimize the potential impact on your business or brand.