What To Do If You Receive A Joe Myeress Copyright Demand Letter Or Lawsuit

Have you received a demand letter from Joe Myeress Photography LLC or been named a defendant in a lawsuit initiated by Joe Myeress? If so, then you are not alone. We have been forwarded numerous emails and other written correspondence originating from Joe Myeress Photography LLC as well as Complaints filed in courts of law by Joe Myeress, demanding a large sum of money in exchange for a release of claims related to allegations of copyright infringement. Many of those people have successfully retained us to reply to that correspondence and defend against those lawsuits.

If you have received such a letter, then feel free to contact us about your particular issue. We keep all communications confidential, pride ourselves on quick and active responses, and do not charge for initial consultations.

Joe Myeress is the type of plaintiff that is oftentimes referred to as a serial litigant. He will typically begin communicating with a potential defendant by indicating his belief that the person has wrongfully infringed upon one of his federally copywritten photographic images without his written consent or payment and that he makes his living with photography. That letter commonly asks the recipient to forward the letter to the recipient’s general liability insurance carriers or other providers of insurance that may cover the claim. Commonly, people do not possess applicable insurance for coverage.

Joe Myeress will also usually provide exhibits to the letter that highlight the alleged infringement and argue that it is most advantageous for the parties to quickly resolve the dispute before lawyers get involved. Try not to fall for the bait and make sure to bring this type of letter to the attention of a lawyer immediately, such as the lawyers at Heitner Legal, so that you can fully explore any applicable defenses and utilize other tools that may drive down the demand of compensation.

Joe Myeress could be characterized as a “copyright troll.” In fact, in his letters, he suggests you Google “Myeress v” so that you can see how serious he is about litigating. Joe Myeress identifies in his letters that he has filed over 50 federal copyright infringement cases and that he is not afraid to file more with the help of firms such as CopyCat Legal.

Many of the lawsuits that Joe Myeress is filing are based in the Southern District of Florida, where Heitner Legal has lawyers who are licensed to practice and have litigated numerous cases in the past.

It is important that letters and lawsuits from Joe Myeress, or any other law firm representing the rights of Joe Myeress, not be ignored by the recipients. That is perhaps the worst thing that you can do if you find yourself in receipt of one of these demands or as the defendant who has been served with a Summons and Complaint. Lack of attention could certainly result in the initiation of litigation and, at that point, you will be spending more money than you wish in defending against a judgment being entered in favor of the plaintiff.