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Pandora Rocked With A Lawsuit For Displaying Lyrics Without Consent

A copyright infringement lawsuit has been filed against the popular music streaming service Pandora. The Complaint, filed by Wixen Music Publishing, alleges that Pandora has continued to exploit lyrics to musical compositions without authorization. It includes a schedule of musical compositions, but indicates that there are likely many more that have not been included in the filing.

Wixen is a music publisher and the exclusive licensee of the compositions named in the lawsuit. It is seeking damages based on Pandora displaying lyrics, even after it received a notice of infringement from Wixen’s legal representatives over a year ago.

The Complaint also highlights a perceived defense forthcoming by Pandora and chops it down. It says that third parties such as LyricFind do not have the authority to grant licenses for the display of the lyrics at issue.

At its core, it is a dispute surrounding the nature of the copyrights contained in the lyrics. The plaintiff says those lyrics cannot be copied, distributed, sold or displayed without a proper license.

Wixen seeks an award of damages, attorney’s fees and costs and a permanent injunction against Pandora continuing to display the lyrics without consent.