Family Law

How We Can Assist With The Divorce Process And Be Proactive Well In Advance

“The divorce rate among all pros is estimated at between 60 to 80 percent according to The New York Times and Sports Illustrated, markedly higher than the 50 percent of all Americans,” says an August 2014 article on Forbes concerning professional athletes. This statistic was brought to our attention this morning and we found it rather surprising.

While it is no mystery that athletes are very prone to divorce, it is a mystery as to why many of them are not proactively preparing for a worst case scenario early in their careers. At Heitner Legal, we absolutely assist with the divorce process, child support issues, child custody and more, but we are much happier being involved at a much earlier stage — prior to the consummation of marriage — helping prepare a prenuptial agreement that may not be able to affect child support concerns, but can put together a plan for pretty much all other assets and liabilities.

Athlete or not, we are here to help with your family law issues. We don’t treat our clients as statistics; we will work tirelessly to make sure you are best protected when things are good and likewise when things do not necessarily go as you may have thought they would.