Family Law

Gaining Child Custody – Weighing The Dos And Don’ts

Child custody is a very sensitive topic and child custody battles are never pretty. Both parents are often very attached to their child and there might be some bitter wars that leave the children caught in the crossfire as innocent bystanders. However, there are some things that any parents can do to increase their chances of gaining their child’s custody. Here are some of the dos and don’ts of custody battles.

Do try to Work with your EX

I know it may be difficult in some cases to cooperate with your ex, especially if the break up was less than amicable, but it is a must in custody cases. In many cases, showing open hostility and unwillingness to work with the other parent is what ends up costing the parent custody of the child.

Do Exercise your Parental Rights

Make sure you know your parental rights and exercise them. If the court granted you visitation rights, exercise them. However, if you violate those rights you may end up facing prosecution. Any person with a masters in criminal justice should be able to assess the risks of violating visitation rights. Make sure you spend as much time as you can during visits and take advantage of the time to maintain a bond with them and show that you care.

Do Understand the Power of Perception

Anyone with an online masters in criminal justice should tell you how much perception is important in court. In a custody battle, it is not what is said about you that matters; it’s whether the court believes it or not. Dress the part and get vocal training is possible. Everything you can do to present yourself as a competent parent will help.

Don’t Fabricate Stories to Win Your Custody Battle

Fake stories and inconsistencies are one of the easiest ways to lose a custody battle.  You should never create or exaggerate stories of alleged abuse or try to paint your ex with an excessively negative brush. Any lies you tell in court will eventually come back to haunt you.

Don’t Refuse Court Orders

If, at any time, the court asks you to do something, do not stand in the way. Instead, acquiesce to their demands. This will be the perfect occasion to show your level of commitment to the case. If the court orders that you have counseling or attend parenting classes, accept immediately. This is the perfect time to show that you are serious about this and that you are willing to do everything it takes to get custody of your children.


If you want to win you custody battle, make sure that you show a willingness to work with your ex-partner. Also, make sure that you exercise your parenting rights and understand that perception is everything. However, don’t go out of your way to paint your ex-partner negatively and don’t fabricate stories. And last, but not least, make sure that you follow any instructions the court orders so you can show your level of commitment to your kids.