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How Child Support Is Calculated In Florida

Florida child support is calculated by courts using all of your income or gross income. There are child support guidelines in Florida that parents can use to determine the amount of child support that they would be required to make pursuant to Florida Statute 61.30. Remember, that your gross income includes not just your salary or wages, but also bonuses, commissions, and overtime, that you may be eligible for. If you are self-employed, or run a business, your business income may be included in the calculation. Federal benefits, which include disability benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, and unemployment benefits, may also be included.

That’s not all. Even pension or retirement benefits and Social Security benefits with the possible exception of Supplemental Security Income benefits, may be included in the Florida child support calculation. If you are currently receiving any kind of alimony from an ex-spouse, that may also be included as income. Overall, your income will also include investment income, rental income, dividends, interest, royalties and capital gains.

All of these factors must be taken into consideration by calculating your gross income. Determining your income is a critically important part in the determination of Florida child support.

Florida child support payments may be determined using a calculator, but in some cases, exceptions may be made to the guidelines. In some cases, for instance, adherence to the guidelines may provide a child support payment that may not take care of the needs of the child. In such cases, the court may use its discretion, and may consider several factors to deviate from the existing guidelines to award a child support payment that is above or below the norm.

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