HEITNER LEGAL Secures Onions And With A Kiss

Bill Raftery is a highly successful broadcaster known for his many catchphrases, the most prominent ones being “Onions” and “With a Kiss.” He has become one of basketball’s favorites off the court and was named to the Final Four broadcast team this past year.

Raftery came to HEITNER LEGAL wondering if he could possibly trademark a couple of his popular catchphrases. We knew it would be a tall task, but we gave it a shot, making sure that Raftery’s expectations were managed.

After some back-and-forth with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), we were able to secure both “Onions” and “With a Kiss” as registered trademarks with the USPTO.

As reported by Awful Announcing,

Last November, we told you about beloved college basketball commentator Bill Raftery and his quest to trademark two of his most famous catchphrases – “ONIONS!” and “WITH A KISS!” – for use on television and apparel.

Well, as of today, those trademarks do indeed belong to Bill Raftery for goods and services relating to “Entertainment in the nature of competitions in the field of athletics; Entertainment in the nature of live performances by college basketball players; Entertainment in the nature of commentary, critique, news, color commentary and synchronous live-action reporting, each in connection with sporting events, namely, basketball games.”