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Bill Raftery Hires HEITNER LEGAL for Innovative Trademark Work

Popular sports commentator Bill Raftery is well known for his use of flamboyant words and phrases on the air.  The most popular of said words and phrases include “Onions” and “With a Kiss.”  When Raftery came to HEITNER LEGAL inquiring whether he could seek trademark protection of each, HEITNER LEGAL quickly got to work regarding the trademarking process.  The filing of those trademark applications was covered by Sports Business reporter Darren Rovell of ESPN earlier today.

From Rovell’s article:

Longtime basketball announcer Bill Raftery is finally putting himself in position to capitalize on some of his famous phrases.

Raftery filed for trademarks to “Onions” and “With a kiss” last week. The filing seeks to protect the use of the words as Raftery’s during sports broadcasts and on athletic apparel.

Raftery said in the past he wasn’t preoccupied with owning what he uttered, but he recently decided to see “what direction it goes in.”

“The short phrases came into being because it was a way to contribute to the commentary, while making sure I wasn’t getting in the way of the play-by-play man,” Raftery said.