Contractual Issues

Former Business Manager Sues Reggie Jackson

The following article was written by Spencer Wingate.

Frank Perry, a man who claims to be Reggie Jackson’s former business manager, has filed a lawsuit against his previous client for breaching an oral agreement. Perry and Jackson allegedly came to an agreement in 2002 that stipulated ten percent of the gross of Jackson memorabilia sales would go to Perry. Additionally, fifteen percent gross of Jackson’s earnings from speaking engagements, endorsements, book, business, and movie deals would be paid to Perry.  As part of the agreement, Perry was also set to receive $5,600 a month to run Jackson’s The Mr. October Foundation for Kids.

Perry claims the agreement was suppose to be a lifetime arrangement. He contends Jackson made misleading statements and persuaded him to pass up other business opportunities to focus one hundred percent of his time on Jackson. According to court documents, Perry believes he became Jackson’s traveling companion and servant. Jackson would regularly vent to him and say deceptive statements concerning their business arrangement. In May or June 2009, Perry was fired and no longer being paid by Jackson.  Perry is seeking $742,000 in compensatory and punitive damages. He is suing Jackson on the basis of six counts: breach of an oral and written contract, fraud, conversion, and violations of the California Labor Code and California Business & Professions Code. A ruined sponsorship deal with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals is included in the damages as well. The deal was terminated by the company due to Jackson’s anti-Semitic comments.