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Two Upcoming Events Regarding Sports Legal Issues

The following article was written by Spencer Wingate.

Doping and Anti-Doping Science Literacy Course to be Held Next Month in Switzerland

Professional athletes are faced with pressure everyday to perform at the highest level. Some players have resorted to performance enhancing drugs to gain an edge. The issue of doping and anti-doping is an increasingly important issue that greatly impacts all sports. On March 16th in Lausanne, Switzerland, a three day course will be offered by Loroch to inform non-scientists of the biology and sciences of doping and anti-doping. Participants will benefit from attendance by acquiring an understanding of the challenge presented by doping. More information regarding the event including a course description, itinerary, and list of trainers can be found at

Fifth Consecutive Racing Attorney Conference Announced

The 2012 Racing Attorney Conference will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 10th and 11th. The conference allows legal experts, students, and anyone interested in the business of motorsports to discuss and learn about the legal complexities of the industry.  The conference presents a tremendous opportunity to network and socialize with motorsports industry leaders. To register for the conference or find more details regarding the event visit

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