Sexual Assault

Sandusky-esque Moment at Morton Community College

The following article was written by Cyle Kiger.

In the ongoing storm that is the Sandusky scandal, it doesn’t surprise me that similar stories are coming out of the woodwork.  A junior college basketball player, Patrick Terrell, filed a petition for discovery against Frank Lollino Jr.  As the head basketball coach at Morton Community College from 2006-2011, Lollino recruited Terrell in 2008 to enroll and play basketball at Morton CC.

In the Sandusky-esque act, Terrell claims his coach requested sexual favors in return for rent money.  As a middle man between the landlord and Terrell, Lollino set up housing close to campus.  The petition continues to say that Lollino’s malevolent conduct began in late 2010 and continued until the summer of 2011. Suffering extreme emotional distress and anxiety, Terrell was forced to transfer schools and sacrifice scholarship money.

Even after Terrell left Morton, Lollino continued to contact Terrell about their unfinished business and implied that Terrell should return to Morton so his rent would be paid for by Lollino in exchange for sexual favors.

The petition claims that Lollino graphically told Terrell various sexual acts that Lollino has performed, and urged Terrell to take part in those types of acts with his head coach. Lollino also allegedly would pressure Terrell into taking rides with him in his vehicle, among other harassing charges that include phone calls and Facebook posts.   Lollino did not stop at harassment though, he also implied that Terrell “may suffer adverse consequences as a basketball player and student if he did not comply with Lollino’s requests and demands.”

Even after Terrell informed officials at Morton Community College, Lollino continued to be the head coach at Morton for a period of time.  Lane Tech also employed Lollino for a while, and had a review that was not positive.  It revealed that there was an investigation of Lollino concerning allegations of inappropriate conduct towards basketball players and students.

Why are people committing such heinous acts receiving second chances?

Terrell  still suffers from emotional aftereffects of distress and anxiety.  He is seeking a court order requiring Lollino, Morton Community College and the Chicago Board of Education to answer all discovery requests within the month.  Terrell may have a potential legal claim against all three parties.  He also seeks a protective order to prevent the public disclosure of sensitive information.