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Bradley University’s Legal Battle Against Jim Les

Bradley University may once again find itself as a named defendant in a case involving its basketball program.  Approximately 2 months ago, I wrote about Kent State’s lawsuit against men’s basketball coach Geno Ford based on Ford’s refusal to pay Kent State $1.2 million the school believes it is owed according to Ford’s buyout clause in his former contract.  Kent State’s Complaint also named Bradley University as a defendant and made a claim that Bradley tortiously interfered with the contract between Kent State and coach Geno Ford.

More recently, UC Davis’ head coach Jim Les has threatened Bradley with a lawsuit if the school does not pay him the money he says he is still owed after being fired before completion of his 7-year contract.  Les had 3 years left on his contract when he was let go by Bradley.

Bradley’s response has been that Les has “a contractually stated duty to mitigate/offset Bradley financial obligations now that he is re-employed with the University of California-Davis.”  Les is not only coaching at UC Davis, but also teaching, which he believes should not be factored in to the amount of money that is offset from what is currently owed by Bradley.

In the meantime, Les has acquired the services of attorney Christopher J. Krawczyk, who works at Kravit Hovel & Krawczyk in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.