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Super Wi-Fi Is Coming

Roughly a week ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided that vacant unlicensed spectrum between TV channels will be open for use by wireless devices.  Not too long ago, low-quality spectrum was freed up by the FCC, which became unlicensed spectrum.  That decision lead to the creation of Wi-Fi.  Could the new release of unlicensed spectrum lead to a “Super Wi-Fi”?  Some believe it is bound to happen.

The new unlicensed spectrum will be able to travel longer distances and through walls.  Julius Genachowski, President of the FCC, even suggested that this new spectrum’s first application will be Super Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi with a longer range, faster speeds, and more stable connections.

With the creation of Super Wi-Fi will come the creation of new intellectual property developed by entrepreneurs and inventors.  But it will be very important to lay down some ground rules for the new space so that it is not abused by those wishing to take advantage of its rewards.  This is where lawyers can come in and be a part of the crafting of meaningful rules and regulations surrounding the valuable unlicensed spectrum.