Why You Want A Trademark For Gmail Authenticated Brand Logos

Gmail is launching an authenticated brand logo program that will serve a similar role to verified badges on social media, but for emails exchanged through the platform. It is being described as a security feature to help authenticate the source of the communications and attachments that you receive by email. As is true for earning verification on social media, having a registered trademark attached to your brand will be extremely helpful in being onboarded into Gmail’s authenticated brand logo program.

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If you have an interest in learning more about Gmail’s authentication system, which includes authenticated brand logos, as well as how Heitner Legal can assist you with properly registering the trademark(s) for your brand, then feel free to contact us with your questions. We keep all communications confidential, pride ourselves on quick and active responses, and do not charge for initial consultations.

Per Google:

Organizations who authenticate their emails using Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and deploy DMARC can provide their validated trademarked logos to Google via a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC). BIMI leverages Mark Verifying Authorities, like Certification Authorities, to verify logo ownership and provide proof of verification in a VMC. Once these authenticated emails pass our other anti-abuse checks, Gmail will start displaying the logo in the existing avatar slot.

As Google points out in its own release, brands will be asked to deliver their validated trademarked logos and, once the authentication process is completed, Gmail will begin displaying the logo in the existing avatar slot. This appears to be a similar requirement to Amazon asking brands to provide their trademark registrations in order to be included in Amazon’s Brand Registry.

There are many other reasons why it makes sense for brands to proactively register their trademarks, including but not limited to providing a brand with peace of mind, leverage, economic opportunities, an option to litigate against infringers in federal court, and strength with exit options when potential acquirers ask about a company’s intellectual property portfolio. Authenticating emails through Gmail is just one more reason why you should conduct the proper diligence to best determine whether your brand is able to earn such valuable trademark registrations.