Contractual Issues

Mike Vick Being Sued for Breaching Contract with Sports Company

The following article was written by Spencer Wingate.

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick is being sued by J.O. Sports Company for failing to fulfill obligations as part of three year $101,500 contract. Vick entered into the agreement with the sports firm in August 2011. The deal allegedly stipulated that Vick must provide J.O. Sports with game worn equipment, make public appearances, and attend private signings. The suit filed in Clark County, Nevada states Vick has met none of the requirements. The company additionally claims they set up social media sites on Vick’s behalf. He owes the company $4,000 for these expenses. J.O. Sports Company, which is being represented by Spencer M. Judd, seeks its’ money back, delinquency charges, collection costs, and attorneys’ fees.